Liquid feeding

The strengths of our liquide pig and cattle feeding system:

  • frame sizes up to 40,000 liters
  • equiped with weighing equipment
  • cover with inlet flange and hinged cover made of PVC with sealings
  • drives up to 5.5 kW geardes motors
  • stirring to process old bread

Liquid Feeding System

Fully-Automated Feeding of sows, piglets and finishing pigs

Konrad Pumpe GmbH can guarantee maximum functionality and reliability, because of your over 25 years of experience in liquid feeding systems for sows, piglets and finishing pigs. We are pleased to offer complete feeding systems for your personal circumstances from a single source. In developing a detailed consultation and we realize together the adapted to your needs feeding concept.

Mixing Tank
Mixing Tank

Our feeding systems enable the fully automatic feeding of piglets, fattening pigs and sows in all farm sizes. Customized and flexible feeding strategies, adapted to the animal and the cost-effective use of feed components such as Whey, Corn-Crob-Mixor residues from the food industry, you can reduce feeding costs to a minimum.

Mixin Tank interior view
Mixin Tank interior view

Each feeding system is optimally adapted to your local conditions and to supplying the animal stock.

In the area of liquid feeding systems, we offer the following range of services:

  • Sensor Feeding
  • Mixing Tank with 500 liters
  • Corn-Crop-Mix dry acceptance of 3.2 m³
  • Trevirasilos with conveyor screws
  • Flour and Corn-Crop-Mix is fed via a hopper, components infeed is a Gate Valves
Mixing Tank for Corn-Crop-Mix
Mixing Tank for Corn-Crop-Mix

Corn-Crop-Mix for Liquide Feeding Systems:

  • SquareMixing Tank
  • Painted steel or stainless steel 
  • Included weighting equipment
  • Size up to 40.000 liters
  • Slow running Agiator
  • The Stirrer-Blades are adjustable in height and inclination
  • Performance from 2.2 up to 5.5 kW
  • Driven by gear motorn transmission to the stirring machine shaft with a flexible clutch
  • Bottom bearing is free of maintenance
  • Stirring shaft made from square tubing
Mixin Tank interior view
Mixin Tank interior view

Fully-Automatic Tank Cleaning System

Dosing spray: to keep the mixing tank clean with disinfectant. The liquid is drawn in via a suction pipe and atomized by a rotating nozzle in the mixing tank. To operate the spraying device pressurised air of 8 bars is required.

Fully-Automatic Tank Cleaning
Fully-Automatic Tank Cleaning

Control of the spray dosing equipment:  switch control box with a 24-hour and time function element for the automatic control of the spraying times.

Choice of products:

  •  Spray dosing device manually operated with a ball cock
  • Spray dosing device with solenoid valve for control by computer
  • Pray dosing device with solenoid valve and electronic control unit

Shutter valve

  • Designed for slow moving products (e.g. CCM)

The cut-off valve is suitable for a feed pipe with a cross-section of up to 230 X 230 mm.  In the transfer area from the down pipe to the valve the rubber seal can be cut to the appropriate size required. With the flexible seal an exact weighing is ensured. This means that blockages even with wet media, with its large pipe dimensions are eliminated. A double-action pneumatic cylinder operates the cut-off value. Dimensions: (L/B/H) 560 X 350 X 170 mm

  •  for dry media

The cut-off valve designed to fit a flexible outlet pipe of 150 mm in diameter. With this flexible pipe exact weighing is guaranteed. A double-action pneumatic cylinder operates the cut-off value.


turbocharged stirrer

turbocharged stirrer

screw outlet with drive and gate valves

screw outlet with drive and gate valves

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