Medication dosing

The strengths of our medicated animal facility at a glance:

  • medication mixture is metered into drop lines
  • mixing tanks up to 130 liters
  • equiped with  agiator and an refilling system
  • electro-pneumatic metering valve
  • adjustable dosing quantity through a diaphragm pump

Medication dosing unit for the liquid animal feed units

In the preparation area an additional medication dosing unit is installed, which is fitted with a stirring device and an externally fitted pump. As the medication is to be mixed daily, a small container of 90 litres for the medication is adequate. In this container the appropriate quantity of medicine for the treatment of the animals dissolved in water. The ball cocks on the troughs, into which the medication is to be put, are opened. These ball cocks are fitted behind each medication diaphragm valve. The diaphragm valves are always opened together with the feed valves so that a medication dose can only be made if the appropriate hand-operated valve is opened. (Both valves are pneumatically interconnected.) The medication diaphragm valves are always switched on together with the feed valves.


The dosing of the medicines takes place basically through the dosing pipes into the trough into which the respective medication is to be made. Before dosing begins the contents of the small mixing container is stirred and transferred into the 20 mm pipe. This takes place when the feed mixing container is stirred up.


Medication dosing unit

Medication dosing unit

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