The strengths of Imprasyn at a glance:

  • up to 15% more biogas with the same raw materials
  • exploit more affordable substrates
  • simplified pumping, stirring and output of digestate
  • gas bubbles better
  • interval mode allows load management


The IMPRASYN® - system is a process, developed by Tietjen, to optimize the complete working process of a biogas unit.

With the employment of the IMPRASYN®-process the substrate is chopped up and macerated into a cellular structure. The specific surface area of the substrate is increased and the nutrients are made directly available to the microorganisms.


In essence this is a wet grinding system, in which the grist is brought together with the liquid fermented substrate in the milling chamber in the appropriate dosage. The grist falls tangentially over the shaft in the milling chamber and is chopped up at high speed by the impact and cutting loads on the sides of the blade and the sieve screens.

The grist cannot leave the milling chamber until the required degree of grinding has been achieved. As a result a communition of all particles to the required size is ensured.


With the IMPRASYN® -process:

  • A synchronous inoculation of the substrate during the pulping process with the bacterial strains present is derived from the biogas process
  • A quicker-starting anaerobic breakdown process and so therefore a more rapid production of methane is possible
  • A homogeneous mixing of the substrate and a considerable drop in viscosity is achieved

Effects of the IMPRASYN® -process in a biogas plant include:
  • An almost complete reduction of the useable material for the micro-organisms and therefore an improved gas output depending on of the efficiency (*) of the existing plant
  • An increase of the biogas output per time, the methane production begins directly after the pulping
  • Smaller and more homogeneous particle sizes of the substrate for an improved saturation and scum on the surface is minimised as the substrate particles sink

The use of the IMPRASYN® -process offers:
  • Sharp drop in viscosity of the substrate which produces further procedural characteristics such as:
  1. Lower pumping pressure and therefore lower energy costs
  2. Shorter stirring intervals meaning to lower energy costs
  3. Less wear and tear of the complete process are registered
  4. Production of gas and scum formation in the final storage site is minimised whereby the siphoning off and removal to the fields is simplified
  5. With existing plants an improved use of the fermentation volumes and therefore more gas for a comparable space in the digesting chamber
  6. For new plants the same performance is achieved by a smaller investment in container design

With IMPRASYN® an optimisation of the complete process of operation in the biogas plant by sustainable improvements of the many process parameters are achieved.

(*) Statements on the increase of efficiency after checking the plant and substrate provided are possible.

IMPRASYN® is a patented product from the company Tietjen.


NaWaRo Biogasanlage mit IMPRASYN®

NaWaRo Biogasanlage mit IMPRASYN®

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