Agricultural technology

Our products for agricultural technology

We offer a comprehensive range of agricultural technology from liquid feeding systems to CCM dosing systems.


We offer complete dosing systems for storing and processing heavy-flowing feedstuffs such as CCM, wet cereals, spent grains, bread flour and many others, and for dosing them by screw technology.

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Bread Crusher

We offer complete dosing systems with receiving hopper, bread crusher, conveyor technology and feeding systems. Our bread crusher has a width of 2.6m, is 1.4m deep and the filling height is approx. 2.5m.

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Liquid feeding

Konrad Pumpe GmbH can guarantee maximum functionality and reliability, because of your over 30 years of experience in liquid feeding systems for sows, piglets and finishing pigs. We are pleased to offer complete feeding systems for your personal circumstances from a single source.

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Forage fermentation

During feed fermentation, carbohydrates (sugar/starch) are converted into lactic acid by adding special lactic acid bacteria strains.

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In the preparation area an additional medication dosing unit is installed, which is fitted with a stirring device and an externally fitted pump.

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