Laser technology

TruLaser 3040 from Trumpf

Using the Trumpf Trulaser 3040 cutting machine we are in a position to fulfil your wishes in a minimum time and extremely flexibly.

The LoadMaster makes it possible to load our machines with sheet metal. It transports the sheets from the loading position to the pallet changer and deposits them there. The advantages of the LoadMaster are the automatic loading of the machine, the limited space needed and the increase in productivity. We are able to load sheet metal sizes of 4 X 2 Metres and with a weight up to 2200 kg in a cycle time of 112 seconds.

The processing of the sheet metal is made with the new generation of the well-tried laser-cutting machine TruLaser 3040. Stainless steel and aluminium are cut free of oxide and burrs. Depending on the type of metal thicknesses to be cut can vary from 0.5 to 25 mm. For programming we use the ToPs-programming stations from Trumpf. The transfer of CAD-data in the conventional formats is possible.

The connection to a sheet metal storage "STOPA" to the CNC-Processing machines is done in May 2013.

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