Conversion kits for biomass feeders

For modernisation and repowering

The strengths of our conversion kits at a glance:

  • Push floor system for quick and easy installation on site
  • effective feed with low power consumption
  • for 100% horse, cattle and turkey manure, grass silage, maize straw as well as wood chips, foil chips and other waste materials
  • up to approx. 150 m³ loading volume
  • hydraulically driven push bars without movable drivers
  • low operating costs due to robust and low-wear construction

Product specification

Our unique push bar system is characterised by the lowest energy input with a large storage volume for difficult substrates. The special feature consists of 12 to 16 stainless steel push bars, individually driven by hydraulic cylinders, which transport the substrate into a mixing and dosing area. With this push bar system, the most difficult substrate materials, such as 100% grass silage, solid manure, green cuttings, etc. can be easily processed. Storage volumes of up to 150 m³ are available.

Old walking floor systems such as concrete push floors or our solids dosing unit type SB-Mix can be renovated and processes optimised within a very short time and at low cost. The new floor assembly is mounted in the existing unit/concrete pit and connected to the existing control cabinet.

Modernise your solids feeder and make your feed system more flexible with our innovative and future-oriented conversion kit!

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