Liquid feeding

The strenghts of our liquid feeding systems:

  • Sizes up to 40,000 litres
  • with legs for weighing devices
  • Cover with inlet flange and hinged cover made of PVC with seals
  • Drives up to 5.5kW geared motors
  • Agitators, mixers for processing old bread

Product specification

Konrad Pumpe GmbH can guarantee you the highest functionality and operational safety due to its more than 25 years of experience in the liquid feeding sector. We are happy to offer you complete feeding systems for your personal circumstances from a single source.  In a detailed consultation, we will jointly develop and implement the feeding concept adapted to your requirements.

Mixing container

Our feeding systems enable the fully automatic feeding of piglets, fattening pigs and sows in all farm sizes. By flexible feeding strategies adapted to the animals and the cost-effective use of feed components such as whey, CCM, beet mix or residues from the food industry, you can reduce feed costs to a minimum.

Inside view mixing tank

Each feeding system is optimally adapted to your local conditions and the livestock to be fed.

In the field of liquid feeding, we offer the following range of services:

Feeding centre

  • Sensor feeding
  • Mixing tank 500 litres
  • CCM dry reception with 3.2 m³
  • Trevira silos with screw conveyors
  • Flour and CCM are introduced via a collecting hopper, there is a gate valve in the component inlet

Mixing container CCM

Reception of liquids for CCM

  • Angular mixing tank, version in painted steel or completely in V2A, incl. mounting for weighing rods
  • In sizes up to 40,000 litres
  • Slow-running agitator
  • The agitator blades are adjustable in height and inclination
  • Power from 2.2 to 5.5 kW
  • Driven by a geared motor with a flexible coupling as a transition to the agitator shaft
  • Lower bearing is maintenance-free
  • Agitator shafts are made of square tube

Inside view mixing tank

Effective cleaning and disinfection measures prevent diseases and provide optimal conditions for the animals. Our optimised cleaning systems ensure a clean and germ-free container.

Cleaning nozzles

The fogger is an effective system for keeping the feeder tank clean with disinfectant. The liquid is sucked in through a suction hose and sprayed into the supply tank through a rotating nozzle. To operate the fogger, compressed air at 8 bar is required. The fogging time of the fogger is set by a control box.

Screw outlet with drive and gate valve

The component inlet is closed by a gate valve to prevent germination. The gate valve is suitable for inlet pipes up to 230 x 230 mm cross-section. In the transfer area from the drain pipe to the gate valve, the rubber seal can be cut to suit the conditions and exact weighing remains guaranteed by the flexible seal. Due to its large passage dimension, blockages are ruled out even with moist media. It is operated by a double-acting compressed air cylinder. Dimensions (L/W/H) 560 x 350 x 170 mm.


Tank cleaning by fogger

  • Fog doser with solenoid valve and electronic control
  • Fog doser with solenoid valve for computer control
  • Fog doser with ball valve for manual control

Gate valve

  • For poorly running media e.g. CCM (inlet pipes up to 230 x 230 mm)
  • For dry media (inlet tube Ø 150 mm)

Our feeding systems are particularly characterised by their good price-performance ratio.

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