Complete dosing systems for biogas plants

The following equipment is available:

  • Sizes 8 and 12 m³
  • In standard version all product contacted parts made of stainless steel
  • Basic equipment with sword dosing
  • Optionally with dosing and mixing screw
  • Screw technology type 360K, type 360 and type 450
  • Conveying capacity approx. 8 m³/h

Product specification

Solid substrates such as maize, WPS, solid and poultry manure are stored, processed and fed in solid form by the solid dosing system into the digester below the liquid level.


The plants are characterised by a balanced price-performance ratio and are therefore particularly interesting for biogas plants in the 75 to 150 kW power range. The KOMBI-Mix dosing unit is designed for feeding biogas plants that require up to 10 m³ of biomass per day.


Special characteristics

Dosing blade

The KOMBI-Mix has a dosing blade that processes the material to such an extent that the screw conveyor system can process it. The blade with plastic plain bearing prevents bridging by rotation above the screw discharge. The speed is 4 - 6 rpm and is thus matched to the discharge screws type 360 or type 450. The drive is provided by robust gear motors with a downstream cardan shaft and planetary angle gear. A shear bolt coupling is integrated in the drive train as a safeguard. The consistency of the material fed has a decisive influence on the removal rate of the system. Optimum operation is guaranteed with chopped renewable raw material.

Dosing and mixing screw

For the processing of difficult substrates such as solid and poultry manure, vertical mixing screws made of stainless steel are used as standard. The mixing screws can be equipped with stainless steel cutting blades. The processed substrate is transferred to the subsequent feeding technology via a sub-screw. The dosing blade inside the dosing unit transfers the substrate to the feed screw mounted below the solids dosing unit. This ensures a constant feed rate.

Weighing system

A weighing system with control technology ensures quantity control. A wide variety of displays and computer controls are available. Communication of the weighing system and control with external controls is provided as standard.


The KOMBI-Mix can be delivered ready to plug in with complete electrical control. Only the main supply line has to be connected on site. This ensures fast plant installation.

We convey biomass to the fermenters in a variety of ways. Our range includes screw conveyors with capacities of up to 23 m3/h, but we can also offer solutions for any requirement. Our feeders can also be combined with other feed systems on request.

All components used have already proven themselves in practice over many years. The technology has been adapted for the specific area of application.

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