Biogas Technology

Entry systems for biogas and recycling plants

You will profit from our many years of experience and professional methods of operating. The company Konrad Pumpe GmbH has specialised in the production of qualitatively high grade and above all unique products in the biogas technology sector.  The storage and dosing of the most difficult, long fibrous substrates such as grass silage, solid manure and maize straw plays an important role in many biogas plants. The dosing and conveying technology of Konrad Pumpe GmbH captivates with high quality, operational reliability and economic efficiency - due to lowest energy consumption and low-wear.    


The BIG-Mix stands out due to the low amount of energy required for large feed volumes of difficult substrate such as 100% horse, cattle or turkey manure, grass silage, maize straw, but also wood chips, film shreds or other waste materials.

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The BIG-Dos solid material dosing unit is equipped with energy saving dissolving rollers and is able to treat 100 % short-shredded grass and manure even in the standard execution. The container is completely made of stainless steel and liquid-tight according to Water Resources Act.

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Our Biomixer captivates through its simple and robust construction made entirely of stainless steel. To ensure a flexible usage of substrate, appropriate dosing- and mixing screws, also from V2A, are available. We provide our Biomixer in sizes from 12 to 80 m³.

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Our high-performanced KOMBI-Mix captivates through its stable and low-wear construction made entirely of stainless steel. Grass silage, GPS, dry chicken dung oder 100% solid dung are processed in this way. Conveyours transfer the material into the fermenter directly or on subsequent crushig plants.

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Solid material dosing unit

Solid substrates such as whole plant silage, grass silage, solid manure and poultry droppings are stockpiled, processed and fed into in the fermenter or downstream equipment such as crash units and liquide feeding systems are provided by our screw technology.

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The BIO-Mix-C is a solids dosing unit that is used for storing, processing and dosing solids and substrates in biogas plants. The system is available in model sizes from 18 to 46 m³ and is specially designed for transport in 40-foot ISO sea containers

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Biomass dosing technology

Our biomass dosing technology is an allrounder and especially developed to convey difficult substrat materials as grass silage, solid manure, maize straw. The conveyors are available in Hardox, V2A and V4A. Our Construction considers safety instructions as ATEX-Guidelines.

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Conversion kits for biomass feeders

Walking floor systems such as concrete push floors or our solids dosing unit type SB-Mix can be renovated and processes optimised within a very short time and at low cost.

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Biomass shredder BMS

The Biomass Shredder BMS is a vertical shredder that efficiently and homogeneously processes biomasses for biogas plants. The shredding and disintegration results in a higher gas yield and diffi cult substrates such as solid manure, silage, grass, straw, sugar beet or other crops can be made usable.

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