UNI-Dos for heavy flowing bulk materials 

Product specification

We offer complete dosing systems for storing and processing heavy-flowing feedstuffs such as CCM, wet cereals, spent grains, bread flour and many others, and for dosing them by screw technology.
UNI-Dos Model 45

Our dosing units are manufactured in series and are characterised by their good price-performance ratio. The units can be supplied in painted steel or stainless steel. The top part is made of galvanised steel or stainless steel sheets.


Special features

UNI-Dos blade

The storage container consists of a smooth, round base plate at the bottom, above which a sword rotates. Special equipment with two auger outlets is also possible on request.

Drive of the UNI-Dos

It is driven by a geared motor with chain transmission (up to 8m³) or by an angular gearbox on the larger units. The blade crushes chunks and scrapes the forage into a bottom auger. All augers are driven by geared motors and are supplied in stainless steel. On the augers of type 160, the outer tube is made of PVC, optionally of V2A.

Variable transfer

The discharge direction of the UNI-Dos can be realised in any angle and direction due to the variable transfer. You can easily and comfortably adapt your UNI-Dos to your conditions on site.

UNI-Dos cover

Covers or lids that are to be opened mechanically, electrically or hydraulically are also available in our sales programme.


The units can be delivered ready to plug in with complete electrical control. Only the main supply line has to be connected on site. This ensures a quick installation of the system. Our dosing units can also be combined with other injection systems on request.

The units can also be used to feed fermenters or secondary fermenters of biogas plants. The screw conveyor from the dosing unit to the fermenter screw is made entirely of stainless steel and is designed as an inclined or steep screw. The fermenter screw outlet dives under the liquid level, thus ensuring gas-tightness. If necessary, the screws are designed according to ATEX.

Equipment variants and accessories

Weighing Device

Weighing Device

A weighing device with a control unit guarantees flow control. A good choice of dials and gauges are available. Communication of the weighing device and the control system with the external control system is a standard fitting. The units can be supplied with a complete control system ready to plug in.

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