Optimal dosing units for your company

The strengths of our BIG-Dos at a glance:

  • 43 up to 105 m³ storage volume
  • effective feedrate at low own energy consumption
  • dissolving roller in the upper section
  • suitable for short-shredded horse, cattle and turkey manure, grass silage, maize straw, but also wood chips, film shreds and other waste material
  • hydraulically driven push strips without movable carriers
  • low operating costs due to the robust and low-wear construction
  • liquid-tight construciton according to Water Resources Act
  • completely made of stainless steel 

Product Description

Our experience has taught us that every plant has its own unique requirements when it comes to capacity, substrate materials and conveyor technology. With our customized and proven BIG-Dos dosing units, we here at PUMPE have developed just the right solution to each of these challenges. Here are a few examples of areas of application.

Special Characteristics

Hydraulic unit control

The push strips are driven by an electric hydraulic power unit, which is standard equipped with and a low oil switch. The BIG-Dos comes equipped as standard with a PLC for controlling the push strips and the mixing and dosing area. 

Push-bar system

On the floor of the dosing container, hydraulically driven stainless steel push strips convey the material to the processing area. The floor itself is coated with wear-resistant plastic, which results in low friction between the push strips and the floor.

Storage container

The robust design of the storage container is the product of our many years of experience. The section of the container that comes into contact with substrates is made of stainless steel and is liquid-tight according to Water Resources Act. 

Processing and dosing area

The horizontal dissolving roller made of stainless steel is processing and preparing the stored substrates. The dissolving roller is equipped with stainless steel cutting blades. The substrate is thereby fed to the discharge screw conveyor at low energy consumption and low wear of the tools.


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