Maximum economic efficiency. Maximum operational reliability. Greatest flexibility.

The strengths of our BIG-Mix at a glance

  • 35 up to 315 m³ storing volume
  • effective feedrate with low own power consumption
  • for 100% horse, cattle and turkey manure, grass silage, maize straw, but also wood chips, green waste or other waste material
  • processing and dosing area for even dosing of all substrates
  • hydraulically driven stainless steel push strip system without movable carriers
  • low operating costs due to robust and low-wear construction
  • liquid-tight construction according to Water Resources Act 

Product Description

The storage and dosing of difficult, long-fibrous substrates such as grass silage, horse and farmyard manure or straw and hay plays an important role in many biogas plants. The Pumpe BIG-Mix solid dosing unit is characterized by a large storage volume with a subsequent, proven mixing and dosing technology with a vertical mixing screw. It is highly versatile for the most difficult substrates and characterized by its low energy consumption. Our BIG-Mix make sure you get a durable system with proven technology and individual adaptation possibilities.

The BIG-Mix stands out due to the low amount of energy required for large feed volumes of difficult substrates. The distinctive feature consists of stainless steel push strips individually driven by hydraulic cylinders. These push strips transport the substrate into a connected mixing and dosing area. The material is processed and then transferred to subsequent feed technology like conveyor screws by a vertical mixing screw. This push floor system enables the easy processing of difficult substrate material, such as 100% grass silage, solid manure, green waste, sugar beets etc. Volume capacities of 35 – 313 m³ are available.   


Special Characteristics

View of the stainless steel push bar elements

Hydraulically driven stainless steel push strips inside the storage container transport the substrates towards the processing area. the floor itself is covered with a low-wear plastic material, which ensures a low friction between push strips and floor. 

Drive of the push-bars

The push strips are driven by an electric hydraulic power unit, which is standardequipped with a low oil switch. The BIG-Mix comes equipped as standard with a PLC for controlling the push strips and the mixing and dosing area.

Level control by radar

A standard-equipped high-quality radar sensor monitors the fill level in the processing and dosing area. The push strips only continue to convey material into the dosing area when the level in that area has fallen below the adjustable level setting. This control significantly reduces the running times of the hydraulic power system and the current consumption of the mixing motors.

Vertical mixer made of stainless steel

Vertical mixing screws made of stainless steel are used as standard for the preparation of the stored substrates. The mixing screws can be fitted with stainless steel cutting blades. The processed substrate is passed evenly to a conveyor screw and thereby to the downstream feeding technology.


Replacement and Repowering

Which of our BIG-Mix solid matter dosing units is the optimal device for your system results from individual requirements such as plant size, spatial conditions, type of substrates and their mixing ratio. For the individual wishes of our customers we therefore offer 18 different model dimensions, having
different motorization and equipment types.              

To be able to offer feeding units adapted to your spatial conditions the BIG-Mix is available 2,5m, 3m und 4m width. The total length of the unit may be adapted optimally to your needs. 

In this way we provide the customized solution for every farmer and energy farmer. 

Model Variations

BIG-Mix Model 35/2500

BIG-Mix 35 m³ | 2.5 m hopper width

The storage container consists of a 2.5 m wide liquid tight base frame and is made completely of stainless steel. The feeding unit feeds directly into the digester or into conveying pumps and crushers.

BIG-Mix Model 80/3000

BIG-Mix 55 - 127 m³ | 3.0 m hopper width

The storage container consists of a 3.0 m wide and liquid tight base frame and can be expanded by our segment construction, adapted to your wish and spatial conditions on site, from 55 m³ up to 127m³ . All substrate-contacted parts are made of stainless steel. The length of the device is determined by your needs.

BIG-Mix Model 120/4000

BIG-Mix 120 - 315 m³ | 4.0 m hopper width

The storage container consists of a 4.0 m wide liquid tight base frame and can be expanded by our segment construction according to your wishes and local circumstances from 120 m³ up to 315 m³. All substrate-contacted parts are made of stainless steel. The length of the device is determined by your needs.


Equipment variants and accessories



For the reducing of emissions and weather impacts the BIG-Mix may be equipped with a hydraulically operated cover. This cover is made of a robust stainless steel construction in segmental design. A wireless remote control for the actuation of the cover is optionally available.

Access Ladder

Access Ladder

For a good and above all safe view into the BIG-Mix container a galvanized anti-slip ladder is available.

Automatic Lubrication System

Automatic Lubrication System

In order to automate the lubrication procedure, we offer a simple and cost convenient process for centralized and automated lubrication process.

Maintenance Opening

Maintenance Opening

On the facilitation of maintenance operations, we offer an optional inspection opening in the container sidewall.

Load Protection

Load Protection

In order to prevent the substrate from falling behind the container during loading, special stainless steel segments may also be mounted on the top of the BIG-Mix (only possible for devices without a cover).

Weighing System

Weighing System

For an accurate control of the loading capacity we focus on shearing force or pressure sensors. Different display units, optionally coupled with a well-readable, alphanumeric display with double-row LEDs, provide high usability and a simple programming of the optimal dosage quantities. For the further processing of the data both analog signal outputs as well as Profibus interfaces can be be provided.

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